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Q: Which item is from the patient in a direct ELISA test?
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What is the difference between direct and indirect ELISA?

Indirect is used to test for ANTIBODIES and direct is used to test for ANTIGENS. For example, Indirect ELISA is used to test for HIV antibodies.

What is the third step in a direct ELISA test?

antibodies against the antigen

What test would be ordered after ELISA test shows a patient is HIV positive?

The Western blot test is used to confirm the results

What is Elisa used for?

ELISA is a technique used to determine the presence of antigen or antibody in a sample. ELISA is used in diagnosis of HIV... ELISA is of three types: direct method, indirect method and sandwich method. The principle of three methods are same.

A test used to detect anti-Rickettsia antibodies in a patient is the?

direct fluorescent antibody test

The first test given to determine that presence of HIV?

The ELISA test is usually the first test given; quick results and inexpensive. See the related link.

When testing for HIV what tests produce more accurate results than the ELISA test?

Western Blot Test: is a blood test that produces more accurate results than the ELISA test.

What HIV test produces more accurate results than ELISA test?

There is only one test that can give the accurate results for HIV. The only test that can do this would be the Elisa test.

The confirmatory test for AIDS is?


What is the agid and elisa test?

The AGID test is the agar gel immunodiffusion test and ELISA is the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Both test for the presence of certain proteins (called antigens) by binding them with antibodies.

What is meant by elisa and its uses?

An Elisa Test is used to test for a substance using antibodies for colour change. The test has been used in medicine and plants. Performing the test involves using an antibody and enzymes.

When testing for HIV a test produces more accurate results than the ELISA test?

Nothing is better then ELISA and CLIA methodology, NAT testing also does not eliminate the window period but only reduces it. The cost is much higher then ELISA updated: western blot test