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There's a song called Bounce in Step Up 2 by Timbaland that they play when they do the breathing thing.

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timbaland bounce ft Justin Timberlake

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Q: Which is the song from step up 2 which has breathing in it?
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What is the song name of the first song in step up 2 the streets?

get down

Who sings the song in step up 2?

Flo Rida :)

What is the song from the subway prank in step up 2?

The song is "Get Down", by Busta Rhymes

What movies has the song low been in?

* Step Up 2: The Streets

What is the last song in step up 2 played?

bounce by timbaland

What is the song in step up 2 that chase dances to in the club?

your moms box

What is the slide song on step up 2?

Slide N Crank by Kwame

What is the name of the last song they dance to in step up 2 the streets?

bounce by timberland

In step up 2 what is the song Andy dances to in the studio with the class?

Bring me flowers! :)

Spanish song in Step Up 2 cookout?

Everything I can't have by Robert Thicke

What songs play during the credits of Step Up 2?

The song that is played during the credits of the movie Step Up 2 is "Low" by Flo Rida. They play this song at the end of the movie when the credits are rolling.

What song did jabbawockeez use on step up 2?