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The song is "Get Down", by Busta Rhymes

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Q: What is the song from the subway prank in step up 2?
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What song comes out in step up 2 in the scene where they are dancing in a dark room right after they do the fish prank?

The song is The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground

When was Step It Up - song - created?

Step It Up - song - was created in 1992.

What is that song that was in step up 2 in the middle where the team that had Adam G Sevani and they had a video made?

If you are referring to the prank in the movie, they dance to the Humpty Dance by Digital Underground. Hope that helps.

When was Step Up - song - created?

Step Up - song - was created on 2006-08-17.

What is the name of the scene in step up 2 where they put a fish is the house and make a viedo to post on the internet?

The Prank

What was the theme song of the movie 'Step Up 3D'?

Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida is the theme song of Step Up 3D.

Where do you sign up for Prank Patrol Australia?

You can actually sign up to be on Prank Patrol Australia on the ABC3 Prank Patrol website.

What is the song name of the first song in step up 2 the streets?

get down

What song has the lyrics to the left to the right step it up it's all right?

"Step It Up" by STEREO MCS

Who sings the song in step up 2?

Flo Rida :)

Which is the song from step up 2 which has breathing in it?

There's a song called Bounce in Step Up 2 by Timbaland that they play when they do the breathing thing.

What is the song used in step up 3 gwai challenge?

The song is called Beggin by Madcon .