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Your left hand goes on the neck and your right hand strums the strings.

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You use you're left hand to hold the neck.

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Q: Which hand do you use to play the guitar if your right handed?
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Was Hendrix able to play with his right hand?

He played his guitar with his left hand but used a right handed strat. He played with his guitar flipped so he was playing left handed only using a right handed guitar.

Is Cody Simpson left handed?

Cody is right handed. So he most likely to play guitar with his right hand. BUT, he could be like Justin Bieber. JB is left handed. But he plays guitar with his right hand. So tweet Cody on Rwitter and ask him. (: sorry if I'm wrong

Is Danny Jones from McFly left or right handed?

he's left handed but plays guitar right handed Yeah ^^ his a lefty =D but it is easier to play guitar right handed which is why he does play right handed he does everything left handed, except play guitar, he does that right handed

Is Niall Horan left-handed or right-handed when playing the guitar?

Hes left handed but he learned how to play the guitar with his left

Why do you play guitar left handed if you write with your right?

Its because that is what is comfortable for you. I play the guitar left handed and write with left, but people can be ambidextrious (i cant spell...) and do both. That's why. above is true( also i have a theory that its because it's more difficult to hold in your left hand if you are right-handed) =-p

Is nevershoutnever's right handed or left handed?

Christofer Drew is left-handed, but he taught himself how to play guitar right-handed.

Is Kylie Jenner left-handed or right-handed?

No ,he signs autographs with his right hand...and play guitar with his left and right hand

If you play the guitar and you learn it right-handed but your left-handed will it be harder to learn it left-handed?

Nah, lefties can play right handed guitars just as easily as righties. There isn;t anything inherently left- or right-handed about guitars - each hand must perform a complex task, with the fret hand fucosung more on minor motor/dexterity, while the strumming hand has more emphasis on rhythm. Since every guitar player must learn either rhythm or dexterity with his non-dominant hand, it doesn't really matter which is which. If for no other reason, play a right handed guitar since that's what most people will have lying around at their houses, so you can more easily pick one up and show off :)

Is learning how to play a left hand guitar easier to play that a right hand guitar?

No it is not!

Which guy in one direction plays the guitar?

Niall Horan plays the guitar in One Direction. He is left handed but learned to play it with his right hand.

How do you hold a guitar?

Mandolins are normally held like a guitar- For a right handed player this would be with the body of the mandolin on your right thigh, with the neck of the mandolin in your left hand. For a lft handed player this would be reversed

Does David Archuleta play the guitar left handed or right?

He's left handed.