Which girl did Rin choose in Shuffle?

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assa i didnt like this though

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2009-12-16 11:22:44
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Q: Which girl did Rin choose in Shuffle?
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Why does rin from shuffle choose asa instead of seia?

Rin choses Asa because he loves her. He does not like seia or narine or kaidai. He concetered them all but he did not love them.

Who does Rin end up with in Shuffle?

Rin ended up with Asa but the other girls still like him

Why didn't Rin pick Kaedae in Shuffle?

It was one-sided love. Kaedae loved Rin in time, but rin only thought of her as family but was grateful for her hospitality.

What is the story behind the anime Shuffle?

Shuffle! is about a boy named Rin who is caught in this really weird love "triangle" with a human girl named Kaede, a demon girl named Nerine, and an angel named Lisianthus....I say "triangle" because they are the main ones involved, but there are others... Basically, Rin lives with Kaede after a tragic accident and after meeting the other two girls both in the same day, they travel to Earth to marry Rin. After that it's a whole mess up of funny stuff ^_^ Hope this helped you some

What did RIN do to kaede in shuffle?

Rin told kadae that he's the reason her mom died so she ended up hating him and abusing him until she found out the truth

How do you bogan shuffle?

there is only one girl that can do the bogan shuffle and she is awesome :D

Is rin kagamine a girl?

Yes, her voice bank is that of a girl, and she has a female avatar.

Does rin grow up and fall in love with sesshomaru?

In the manga, rin stays a little girl in the end of the series. Rin only likes him as a father anyway.

From shuffle does rin kiss asa?

yes at the end of episode 21 "where do feelings go" plus a few bonus kisses later in the series :P <3

Why did sesshomaru ressurect rin?

because rin was so kind to sesshomaru when he was down and i guess he grew caring feelings for the little girl

Will Kakashi marry rin?

no because rin is dead because in manga chapter 424 kakashi says to obito that "please forgive me because i coundnt keep your promise,i coudnt protect rin" so it means that rin is dead so the answer is simple that kakashi cant marry rin he have to find another girl:)

Who were the teammates of Kakashi?

Obito uchiha, who gives him his sharingan, And Rin, a normal girl.

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