What did RIN do to kaede in shuffle?

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Rin told kadae that he's the reason her mom died so she ended up hating him and abusing him until she found out the truth

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Q: What did RIN do to kaede in shuffle?
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What is the story behind the anime Shuffle?

Shuffle! is about a boy named Rin who is caught in this really weird love "triangle" with a human girl named Kaede, a demon girl named Nerine, and an angel named Lisianthus....I say "triangle" because they are the main ones involved, but there are others... Basically, Rin lives with Kaede after a tragic accident and after meeting the other two girls both in the same day, they travel to Earth to marry Rin. After that it's a whole mess up of funny stuff ^_^ Hope this helped you some

What episode did Kaede kiss Rin?

Simply put that never happens in the anime

Where is Rin?

In the end of Inuyasha she stays behind in Kaede's village but sesshomaru often vists her.~Kat

What happens to rin at the end of the inuyasha series?

In the manga she lives in the village with Kaede. But in the anime she stays with Sheshomaru.

Who does Rin end up with in Shuffle?

Rin ended up with Asa but the other girls still like him

Which girl did Rin choose in Shuffle?

assa i didnt like this though

Why didn't Rin pick Kaedae in Shuffle?

It was one-sided love. Kaedae loved Rin in time, but rin only thought of her as family but was grateful for her hospitality.

Why does rin from shuffle choose asa instead of seia?

Rin choses Asa because he loves her. He does not like seia or narine or kaidai. He concetered them all but he did not love them.

How tall is Kaede?

Kaede is 168 cm.

What nicknames does Kaede go by?

Kaede goes by Yuzupon.

Does rin have a husband?

No she doesnt... to the best of my knowledge; which, i have read all the manga and watch all the anime Rin does not have a husband, she remains in the village with mirouku, sango, inuyasha, and kaede to which manga ends. It could be a possibility, but i think it was more or less left to the imagination of the readers and/or viewers...

What movie and television projects has Kaede Matsushima been in?

Kaede Matsushima has: Performed in "Anata to shitaino" in 2002. Performed in "Neikeddo" in 2002. Performed in "Mejiri: Matsushima Kaede" in 2003. Performed in "Mappa: Matsushima Kaede" in 2004. Performed in "Fetisshu: Kaede" in 2004. Performed in "Waisetsu moderu: Matsushima Kaede" in 2004.

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