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Q: Which film has been condemned by the Legion of Decency a Catholic organization?
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Why did the Catholic Legion of Decency pressure the film industry to enforce the Production Code?

Basicly, to the Catholic Legion of Decency, fun=sin. That's why even married couples in old films have twin beds.

When was National Legion of Decency created?

National Legion of Decency was created in 1933.

What is the duration of The Legion of the Condemned?

The duration of The Legion of the Condemned is 1.23 hours.

When was The Legion of the Condemned created?

The Legion of the Condemned was created on 1928-03-10.

What movies are banned by the Catholic Church?

The Legion of Decency was founded in l934 and took its mission seriously. they expanded into plays and literature as well as the prime target- Movies. among the last films to be given a C-(condemned) rating by the legion were - and this seems surprising : Rosemary"s Baby ( occult content) The Odd Couple ( homosexual theme) and somewhat surprisingly- both the play and screen versions of Grease. One character sings a song that claims she is ( Lousy with Virginity)- which can be taken as a sacrilegious comment! I know as I won two tickets to the play in a call-in radio contest- my Mother screamed ( that play was condemned by the Legion of Decency) and she made me give the tickets to a much older cousin and his lady friend. There was more to ( Grease) than jumping around an automobile on stage! . Please note that the Legion of Decency, and its successors, recommend movie ratings including the dreaded "C" but they are recommendations, the Catholic Church, itself, does NOT "ban" them, they expect grownup Christians to make their own decisions, and to bring up their children appropriately. The Legion of Decency, and its successors, is just offering advice to those serious about their faith.

How did churches and the Legion of Decency react to 'The Wizard of Oz' in l939?

Witchcraft, violence, and absence of spirituality might have been concerns of churches and the Legion of Decency in regard to the beloved 1939 film version of 'The Wizard of Oz'. The Legion of Decency was formed five years previously, in 1934, to stop tendencies that the Roman Catholic Church saw as immoral and indecent within the Hollywood film industry. For example, the Legion supported the boycott of films that focused on alcoholism, sex, and/or violence.

What did Bette Davis have to do with the Legion of Decency?

Nothing directly. However, a film she starred in, Storm Center , was attacked by the Legion of Decency for what they considered its pro-communist viewpoint.

When did Catholic Benevolent Legion end?

Catholic Benevolent Legion ended in 1969.

When was Catholic Benevolent Legion created?

Catholic Benevolent Legion was created in 1881.

What are the release dates for The Legion of the Condemned - 1928?

The Legion of the Condemned - 1928 was released on: USA: 10 March 1928 Italy: 1929 Austria: 1930 Portugal: 17 March 1930 Finland: 25 August 1930

What was the black legion?

The Black Legion was an organization that existed in the 1930s in the United States. The group formed by splitting off from the Ku Klux Klan. The purpose of the group was to eliminate African-Americans, Jews, and people of the Roman Catholic faith.

Where is the headquarters of the Legion of Saint Michael?

Roman Catholic AnswerCheck out the link below. Please note, this is not an official organization of the Church, nor does it have official recognition or approval by the Church.