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Sakura's training with Tsunade is shown as a flashback in the naruto shippuden episode inwhich sakura fights akasuki member Sasori. ( Naruto shippuden episode 26)

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2011-05-21 14:02:59
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It's episode 24
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Q: Which episode show that Tsunade is training with Sakura?
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What Naruto Shippuden episode do they show Sakura's training?

They don't show sakura's training but they do show her asking tunade to train her on epsiode 141.

Which episode does it show Genma and Raidou in the hospital with Tsunade?

Episode 123- The Leaf's Handsome Devil

What episode does sakura become chunin?

it doesnt show that

What happened to the Naruto show?

right now as naruto is being trained by jiraiya and sakura by tsunade they really can't have a naruto show without the main character naruto so between the time skip of naruto's training they are turning naruto shippuden(when they are older) into English

What manga does Sasuke show his feeling for sakura?

If you are refering to manga episode, it's episode 632. Sasuke does not show romantic feelings or says "I like you Sakura" nothing like that, he was just very impressed by Sakura's power.... she was tired of being the weak one and being the one behind them all the time. She said it herself "this time I will be in front" then she uses Tsunade's "Hyakugou jutsu-technique". I believe it was the 1st Hokage who said the impact was bigger and stronger than tsunade's. So Sasuke was just impressed, I personally am a SasuSaku believer, I LOVE THEM i think they are the best couple in the both Naruto series...and they will have a chance...jus not yet hope I helped :)

When does sakura train with tsuande?

if you look in naruto volume 27, near the beginning it shows sakura asking to be tsunade's apprentice. that's when she started her training with her. for the timeskip part in the book, there's a flashback on how kakashi got his sharingan. sadly, it doesn't tell you in the show. if you have any more questions, email me at

Can you show me an episode where Naruto and Sakura kiss?

There isn't an episode of Naruto kissing Sakura. There is a lot of fan-fiction with the two together but nothing has been made official.

What is the show called in Naruto shippuden when Sakura wants to join Sasuke?

This episode hasn't come out yet.

In Which episode of Naruto has Sasuke kissing Sakura?

the episode in sakura's fantasy.....HE NEVER REALLY KISSES HER FOR REAL IN PART ONE BUT IT COULD HAPPEN IN PART TWO THOUGH........ BY. AnswerwolfmanI've heard a rumor in naruto (not shippuden) episode 109,when sasuke knocked sakura out and layed her on a bench that he kissed her....but it doesn't show anything after he knock her out,so the rumor could be true, or never know

Will naruto be able to show her love towards sakura?

Technically, Naruto has been asking her out for many years and she has been denying. Although, in episode 206, Sakura tells Naruto "I love you", so he stops going after Sasuke.

In what episode does sakura say she smells like a dog?

It's episode 73 titled "A Mistake From The Past: A Face Revealed!" I actually had to watch a few episodes to figure it out because I wanted to show someone.

What episode does vegeta become super saiyan 1?

when he first was training for the androids to show up. im not sure of the exact episode though

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