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Naruto Shippuden episode 57, -JC

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Q: Which episode does sai ask naruto if he confessed his feelings for sakura?
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Do you guys think Naruto is developing more feelings to Hinata after she confessed her love to Naruto?

no because naruto loves sakura and sakura loves saskue

Did naruto really marry sakura?

No, he didn't but he want's to.Note (spoiler alert): Naruto Shippuden, episode 206 'Sakura's Feelings' will be released on Thursday 7th April 2011 at This episode is when Sakura finally confesses to Naruto about her feelings towards him.

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Sakura tell Naruto that she likes him?

She begins to like Naruto in the first episode of Naruto Shippuden. She then begins to care for Naruto more and more as Naruto Shippuden continues.

In what episode does Sakura tell Naruto she loves him?

Episode 206, although it turned out to be a lie.

Do Naruto and sakura marry?

posibbly sakura is starting to have feelings for naruto

What episode does deidara meet sakura?

She doesn't! He is way to cute for her!!! Sakura loves Sasuke in a few ways but has feelings for Naruto. In manga she kills him anyway.

What episode in Naruto shippuden sakura screams Naruto's name?

Sakura screams Naruto's name at the end of episode 162 and at the beginning of episode 163.

Were can you see Naruto and Sakura kiss in a real episode?

No where. Naruto and Sakura never kiss.

What episode of Naruto had Sakura in the sand?

naruto shippuden episode 10 or 7

What episode does Sakura acknowledge that Naruto has grown?

episode one in naruto shippuden

Will Naruto ever go out with sakura?

Highly doubt it because Sakura still loves Sasuke and not naruto. Even Hinata confessed her love to Naruto, so its a little late for that!

Why did Sakura confessed to Naruto?

To try and make him give up on saving Sasuke.