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They go to Port Angeles.

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Q: Which city did Jessica Angela and Bella go to to get their dresses in the Twilight book?
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Where do Bella Jessica and Angela go out?

In The Book New Moon Bella and Jessica go out to see a movie called Dead End. During this part Bella gets up and gets a dring then some popcorn and she hardly saw the movie...Then Bella and Jessica go to eat dinner but on their way there Bella spots some guys and she thinks she knows one of them. Bella walks slowly to where the guys are and she looks at a sign on the building and she was heading for a bar and when she is crossing the street Jessica is telling her to come back but Bella does not listen to her. Jessica has been telling Bella to come back when she heard a voice...but its not Jessica's voice its a voice she HAS heard before. Its a voice like no other its a musical voice...Its Edward's Voice!!!!! He is telling her to turn around and go back to Jessica but Bella just keeps walking and she found out how to talk to the voice in her head...she has to think what she is saying to talk to this voice. The voice keeps telling her to go back and she says no and Jessica tells her to go back and she keeps walking till she gets close to the man she has been staring at and says nothing. The man said hi and if he can buy her a drink. Bella just said no and walked a way!!!!!This what I have read from the best book in my experience of reading and I really loved it. That is what i really liked 'bout the book... Hoped u like what i wrote and thx for reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYEEEEE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urs trulyPromise Ponce!!!!

Who does Anna Kendrick play in Pitch Perfect?

She plays Jessica. One of Bella's friends through out all 4 books.

What was the restuarnt edward took Bella for the first date?

After the attack and Edward saving her, he drives her to the restaurant. There Jessica and Angela leave the two alone. The restaurant where they go into is Bella Italia.

When in the movie Twilight did the song Decode play?

The song Decode by Paramore is played at the very end of the movie credits. They played Decode in Twilight right at the very end of the credits after Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park. It's not in the film; it's in the credits at the end. But Paramore's other song is in the movie, when Angela and Jessica are trying on dresses in Port Angeles.

What is the name of the resturant that Bella and Edward go to in Twilight?

In Twilight, Bella and Edward go to La Bella Italia.

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Where does Bella go with jessica and Angela to pick out dresses?

Port Angeles

Who was Bella's first girlfriend Jessica or Angela in twilight?

it was jessica they met first in the gym

Who are Bella's friends in the twilight movie?

jessica stanley,angela weber,mike newton

Twilight who did Bella go to port Angeles with?

jessica and Angela then edward shows up later

What are Bella's friends called in the book?

Isabella Marie Swan (Bella) has 4 friends in Twilight. * Jessica * Angela * Mike * Tyler

In twilight who does Bella sit with at lunch?

Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, and Eric Yorkie.

When did each of the songs from the 'twilight' soundtrack play in the movie?

The paramore song plays in the store when Jessica,Bella,and Angela go shopping.

What song did Flyleaf do for Twilight?

I don't think they did any particular song for Twilight, but they did feature two of their tracks on Twilight's album. Their song "Decode" plays on the ending credits of the movie, while Paramore's "I Caught Myself" plays as background movie in the movie, while Bella is in Port Angeles shopping for dresses with Jessica and Angela.

Who did Bella go to Port Angeles with?

Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber in the movies and in the books I think she goes alone?

In twilight Bella would not let Angela put her as the headline in the school paper so she said how about eating disorders and Angela and jessica kirk what were or who were they talking about?

Kirk is a guy on the swim team. Bella also said speedo's on the swim team.

In the book does Bella go to port angeles with Jessica or Angela?

In the book, Bella goes to Port Angeles with Jessica. Angela doesn't accompany them on this particular outing.

Where are the paramore songs in the movie twilight like IN the movie i saw da movie 3 times but still havnt heard it?

Paramore's song "I Caught Myself" is playing in the backround of the first twilight movie while Bella, Jessica, and Angela are in the store shopping for dresses. Their other song, "Decode", is playing during the credits.