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The song Decode by Paramore is played at the very end of the movie credits.

They played Decode in Twilight right at the very end of the credits after Leave Out

All the Rest by Linkin Park.

It's not in the film; it's in the credits at the end. But Paramore's other song is in the movie, when Angela and Jessica are trying on dresses in Port Angeles.

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i don't know but i do remember hearing itwas! :) good luck... you could watch the movie..

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At the beginning, while Bella is talking about leaving Phoenix. It plays throughout her trip to Forks.

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The Black Ghosts are listed on the soundtrack.

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Q: When in the movie Twilight did the song Decode play?
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What is the song in the twilight movie preview?

The song is Decode by Paramore <3

What is the name of the song that plays on the twilight the movie website?

decode - paramore

Something in twilight that starts with d?

Can you be more spercific like Twilight Movie or the Twilight that happenes in the sky?If its the song for twilight movie it may be Decode by paramore.x

On what movie soundtrack is the paramore song decode?

Hayley Williams (the lead singer), Josh Farro (guitarist) and Taylor York (rhythm guitarist) wrote Decode.

Where are Paramore's songs played in the movie Twilight?

Just to get things straight 'Decode' wasn't actually put in during the movie it was made for promotional reasons. There were two Paramore Songs for 'Twilight' 1) 'I Caught Myself' Which was playing during when Bella, Jessica and Angela were at the dress store. 2) 'Decode' Decode was played in the credits, right after the song 'Leave Out All The Rest' by Linkin Park; Decode was played. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So technically Decode is in the end credits and the other song is in the movie if u pay attention.

What song plays AFTER the twilight movie?

Step by radiohead, leave out all the rest by linkin park, and decode by Parmore

Was Paramore's Decode written for Twilight?

Yes. Hayley Williams read the Twilight saga and TOTALLY loved it. When she heard that Summit was going to make a movie she told her record company that she wanted to write a song for it. So her record company contacted Catherine Hardwicke and told her. Catherine decided to show Hayley some of the clips from the movie that they had already shot. Then Hayley and lead guitarist Josh Farro got down and started writing the song together.

What song matches twilight book?

decode by paramore

What is the song playing in the twilight trailer?

its "decode" by paramore

What song did Flyleaf do for Twilight?

I don't think they did any particular song for Twilight, but they did feature two of their tracks on Twilight's album. Their song "Decode" plays on the ending credits of the movie, while Paramore's "I Caught Myself" plays as background movie in the movie, while Bella is in Port Angeles shopping for dresses with Jessica and Angela.

What is the name of the second song that is played in Twilight?

Song: Decode by Paramore Score: Who are they?

What song plays on the menu screen for twilight?

it is Decode By Paramore!