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I think it's a deer, isn't it?

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Q: Which animal is seen in the forest during the opening scene of the twilight movie?
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Which animal is seen in the forest during the opening scene of the movie?

in the movie twilight its a deer with Edward Cullen (i think) attacking it.. but in new moon there is none....

In twilight princess where is kokiri forest?

There is no Kokori Forest in Twilight Princess.

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Which animal of the coniferous forest eats plants and barks during the winter?


How do you get back to the twilight after the forest temple on legend of Zelda twilight princess?

After you complete the Forest Temple the twilight is no longer in that region and Link must travel to the next region of Hyrule to rid it of the twilight

Was the film twilight shot in a deciduous forest?

no it was shot in an coniferous forest

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You cant really buy an animal forest.....

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No, no it is not.

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