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the heaviest fusion wheel out of all the beyblades would have to be the diablo wheel from diablo nemesis from the 4D series weighing higher by 12.5 grams for the whole bey but the wheels im pretty sure the diablo wheel would only weigh a little like 5.5 grams heavier than the twisted wheel from twisted tempo.

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Q: Which Metal Wheel Is The Heaviest In Beyblade?
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Is there such thing as earth aquila in Beyblade metal fusion?

yes earth is actually a kind of metal wheel and aquila is a kind of clear wheel so it is a real beyblade and the clear wheel is color violet

How many pieces are in a takara tomy metal fight Beyblade?

There are five pieces in a Takara Tomy metal fight beyblade The Face contain the symbol of the Beyblade The Power Wheel holds the bey with the Bey Launcher The Metal Wheel for attack/defend the other Beyblade The Track holds the bottom Finally, the bottom spin the Beyblade If you don't have one of this parts, your Beyblade won't able to Spin

How do you put two beyblade metal wheel together?

You cannot put

Who is the heaviest Beyblade?

Diablo Nemesis X:D

What is the name of the Beyblade show after Beyblade metal masters?

It was beyblade metal fury

Could a normal Beyblade beat a Beyblade metal fusion?

sometimes depends on which beyblade vs which metal fusion

What are passwords for Beyblade metal masters?

beyblade is the answer

Is there a Beyblade Wii game?

Yes. In North America and Europe, it is called "Beyblade Metal Fusion - Battle Fortress".

What Beyblade metal masters is the best?

it depends what other beyblade you battle against.

What is the season after Beyblade metal masters called?

The sequel is named Beyblade metal fury.

What are the codes for Beyblade metal fusion beyzone online?

metal fight beyblade beyzone metal fusion

Is Beyblade metal fusion for xbox 360?

No, there isn't a beyblade metal fusion xbox 360 game but there is beyblade metal fusion for Nintendo wii and Nintendo DS.