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It is called Beyblade metal masters.

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Q: What is the second season of Beyblade called?
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How many series are there to Beyblade?

There have been multiple series within the Beyblade franchise, including the original series, Beyblade: Metal Saga, Beyblade: Burst, and Beyblade: Burst Evolution. Each series follows a new generation of bladers and their battles with spinning tops called Beyblades.

What is the season after Beyblade metal masters called?

The sequel is named Beyblade metal fury.

Will there be a next season after Beyblade Metal 4D?

no there is a new season coming in japan in july 2012 its called beyblade zero g is very cool.

Will there be a new season beyblade after shotgun steel?

Yes, there will be a new season of Beyblade after Beyblade: Shogun Steel. The next season is titled "Beyblade Burst" and continues the story with a new generation of bladers and their battles involving the latest Beyblade technology.

What is the Beyblade season after Beyblade metal masters?

The Beyblade season that follows Beyblade: Metal Masters is Beyblade: Metal Fury. In this season, Gingka and his friends face off against a new group of powerful bladers known as the "Legendary Bladers" in their quest to defeat the villainous Nemesis.

What year will Beyblade Season 5 air?

(January 02nd, 2015) I can't find evidence there will be a Season Five of Beyblade.

When will Beyblade season 4 be released in London?

no season 4 unless you mean metal fight beyblade new series 2010 in spring.

Who is Tyson's Beyblade?

Tysons beyblade is called Dragoon

Will the fourth season of Beyblade come to Kentucky?

Yes, the fourth season of beyblade will definatly be coming to Kentucky. And, in case you were wondering, it is said to be released in the Fall of 2010.

Is there a Beyblade called Gravity Purses?

You spelled it wrong.The beyblade is called Gravity Perseus.

When will the next beyblade season be in the us?

It will be in 2013 at least.

What is the second season of Inuyasha ccalled?

The second season of inuyasha is called Inuyasha: The final acts.