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Earth Virgo does- not sure of any others. I would love to know

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Q: Which Beyblade metal fusion toy have gravity ball spin track?
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What is dark bull special move from beyblade metal fusion?

it is spin track

What is the best Beyblade metal fusion combonation?

the best beyblade metal fusion combo is: any face bolt storm pegasis's energy ring dark wolves fusion wheel storm capricorns spin track rock leones performance tip

What is the best Beyblade spin track?

The best metal fusion beyblade uncustomized is Earth Eagle.

What is the good customs of beyblade metal fusion?

Try face:Libra clear wheel:Libra metal:Rock track:100 bottom:Aquila's balance

What Beyblade metal masters is the best?

it depends what other beyblade you battle against.

What gives a Beyblade its name?

The facebolt, fusion wheel and spin track is what gives a beyblade its name

Is rock Leone better or rock Scorpio in Beyblade metal fusion?

yes,I believe so.rock Scorpio has a better spin track and a better performance tip.

Is rock Aries a good metal fusion Beyblade?

Yes rock Aries is a commendably good . It has a spin track which can reduce the speed of an opponent beyblade. It has a spherical performance tip which gives it more stamina. Finally its fusion ring which is a defensive ring gives it one of the best combination's ever!

What is a good Beyblade metal fusion combination?

Well, this ain't the best combo, but here it is: Face bolt: Any Energy Ring: Pegasus Fusion Wheel: Flame Spin Track: The lowest spin track you could get. Performance Tip: Earth Eagle's Try it out, It's awesome!

How do you create the best Beyblade in the world using Beyblade metal masters and Beyblade metal fusion's Beyblades?

To create the best Beyblade, you can customize it by combining the best parts from Beyblade Metal Masters and Beyblade Metal Fusion Beyblades. Choose a strong metal fusion wheel, a competitive track, and a high-performing tip for speed and stability. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that works best for your playing style and enhances your Beyblade's overall performance.

How many pieces are in a takara tomy metal fight Beyblade?

There are five pieces in a Takara Tomy metal fight beyblade The Face contain the symbol of the Beyblade The Power Wheel holds the bey with the Bey Launcher The Metal Wheel for attack/defend the other Beyblade The Track holds the bottom Finally, the bottom spin the Beyblade If you don't have one of this parts, your Beyblade won't able to Spin

Is spin track 85 or 90 the lowest spin track?

none 13 is the lowest unlest you mean metal fusion metal fusions is 85