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it is spin track

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Q: What is dark bull special move from beyblade metal fusion?
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What is dark bulls special attack in beyblade metal fusion?

bull uppercut

What is the rank of beyblade metal fusion bull?


Who owns dark bull in Beyblade metal fusion?


What is your metal fusion Beyblade?

dark cancer, dark bull me earth eagle da strongest bey

What are the name of Beyblade in Beyblade meatal fusion?

dark bull mad gaucher rock Leon peagus Sagittarius's aqreaio

Which are better original or Metal Fusion Beyblades?

metal fusion because they r smaller and bull looks like a burger and no old ones do.

Which metal fight beyblade is the best in stamina and defense?

yo face EDIT: (by different user) the best combo I know is earth bull 100 wd. (that is dark bull energy wheel, earth eagle fusion wheel(the metal thingy), storm pegasus, cyber pegasus, lightning l drago, or storm aquario spin track, and earth eagle tip. Hope this helps!

Which is the best attacktype Beyblade in metal fusion?

Well.. It isn't about what beyblade you have and of course its not about believeing in your beyblade or any of those crazy stuff but it is about how you use the pieces of that beyblade. The Best way to make a beyblade stronger is by traing the pieces but if you want suggestions, what beylade to start off with then it would probbally be Earth Eagle or Flame Sagittario, but its your choice. :P And Yes stamina type and balance type would probally best.

How do you beat Crow in Beyblade Metal Fusion?

keep using stamina moves then use a attack move to crash out that wont work trust me and even if it does which ones will kill it

Is midnight bull a good beyblade?

Midnight Bull is a decent beyblade with average performance. It may not be as competitive as top-tier beyblades, but it can still be fun to use in battles and tournaments. Ultimately, its effectiveness will depend on how well it is customized and launched.

WhIch Beyblade is better storm aquirio or dark bull?

i think bull is better

What is the Beyblade for April?

They are Rock Aries and Dark Bull