Best Answer is a great place. They are posting new episodes now.

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A lot of online anime streaming sites such as Gogo anime.

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Q: Where you can watch deadman wonderland uncensored?
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What is the duration of Deadman Wonderland?

The duration of Deadman Wonderland is 1620.0 seconds.

When was Deadman Wonderland created?

Deadman Wonderland was created on 2011-10-08.

Are there any alien races in Deadman Wonderland?

There are no alien races in Deadman Wonderland (But in the Deadman Wonderland universe, and fan-fiction also; there are trillions of them (with hundreds of thousands of them in each galaxy)).

Is there any interstellar or intergalactic travel in Deadman Wonderland?

There is no interstellar or intergalactic travel in Deadman Wonderland (fan-fiction only).

How many Deadman Wonderland epsiodes are there in English?

There are 12 episodes of Deadman Wonderland in English.

Is deadman wonderland on Netflix?

Ugh, shame, it isn't.

Is Deadman Wonderland dubbed?

Yes, Deadman Wonderland has been dubbed in English. The dubbed version was produced by Funimation Entertainment.

Is their going to be another season of deadman wonderland?

No because the actor died.

What year does Deadman Wonderland take place in?

The series takes place in 2023.

Which manga is it where the kid gets convicted of killing his classmates?

The manga you're referring to is likely "Deadman Wonderland." In the story, the protagonist, Ganta Igarashi, is wrongfully convicted of mass murder after his classmates are killed. He is then sent to a twisted prison called Deadman Wonderland where inmates must participate in deadly games to survive.

When is Crow aka Senji from deadman wonderland's birthday?

well not shure ..i think 9\9 >.<

When will deadman wonderland chapter 48 come out?

In the end of August, i.e in a week or less :D