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Q: Where were the band the specials from?
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What is Kristen Stewart's fave band?

The Specials

What year did seminal British band The Specials release their debut album 'Specials'?

1979..........are you asking to win the Fred perry iPhone or whatever??

Did the band called The Specials ever remake the song Montego Bay?


Are the specials a 2-tone ska band?

No they're a rock band. They sound like this ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK!

When was The Specials created?

The Specials was created in 1977.

Did Zane die in the Pretties or the Specials?


Will season three of the Naked Brothers Band have any episodes?

Only three holiday specials -- one of them being animatiated for the first time and four tv movies.

From which City did The Specials hail?

From which City did The Specials hail?

How do you say dinner specials in Spanish?

dinner specials

When was The Best of The Specials created?

Best of the Specials was created on 1999-12-21.

When was More Specials created?

More Specials was created in 1980-10.

What people are famous and from the West Midlands?

Ozzy OsbourneBeverley KnightFrank SkinnerCat DeeleyJulie WaltersLenny HenryPete WatermanRichard HammondJ.R.R. TolkienUB40