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Q: How tall is terry hall from the Specials?
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Does terry hall of the specials have children?


Does any one know the singer terry hall famous mothers name?

If you mean Terry Hall of The Specials/Fun Boy Three etc, his mother wasn't famous.

What is Terry Hall's birthday?

Terry Hall was born on November 20, 1926.

When was Terry Hall - singer - born?

Terry Hall - singer - was born on 1959-03-19.

Is Terry Bradshaw tall?

Terry Bradshaw is 6' 3" tall.

Who was terry halls wife?

Jeanette Hall

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Terry Linehan is 6'.

How tall is Terry Serpico?

Terry Serpico is 6'.

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Terry Schmidt is 6'.

How tall is Terry Wills?

Terry Wills is 6'.

How tall is Terry Woodberry?

Terry Woodberry is 6'.

How tall is Terry Gragg?

Terry Gragg is 6'.