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The IMDb lists four filming locations for Billy Jack; two in New Mexico, one in California, and one in Arizona.

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Q: Where was the movie billy jack made?
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Is a black hat part of Billy Jack's wardrobe in the movie Billy Jack?

Yes. Actually Billy Jack was a sequel to The Born Losers in which Billy Jack wore a straw cowboy hat. He did not wear the black hat until the second movie, called Billy Jack.Black hat

When was the movie billy jack released?


Was the movie billy jack the most attended movie of all times?


What does the Real life Billy Jack look like?

If you're referring to the movie, there was no "real Billy Jack"; it's not a true story. Tom Laughlin (who plays Billy Jack, and who also wrote, produced, and directed the movie) is "real" a Billy Jack as there is.

What is Billy's weapon of choice in the movie Billy Jack?

Karate because he did not have anything else to use

Did Jeremy slate ever play in a billy jack movie?


Does Billy Jack wear a black hat in the movie Billy Jack?

Yes... a black hat with a red, white, and blue beaded band

What was jack blacks first movie he stared in?

"The Born Losers" was the first Tom Laughlin movie introducing the character of Billy Jack in 1967.

What movie did billy jack make his first appearance in?

"The Born Losers" .

Where is the real Billy Jack now Was the movie Billy Jack inspired by a real person?

Billy Jack Wills passed away Mar 3, 1991, Tulsa OK. May his wonderful music live on.

Where does Jack and Billy live in the movie Twilight?

They live in La Push, It is a few miles out of Forks in the the movie.

What movie and television projects has Teresa Kelly been in?

Teresa Kelly has: Played Pedestrian in "The Born Losers" in 1967. Played Carol in "Billy Jack" in 1971. Played Carol in "The Trial of Billy Jack" in 1974. Played Carol in "Billy Jack Goes to Washington" in 1977. Played Carol in "The Return of Billy Jack" in 1986.