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Universal Studios in Hollywood, California

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Q: Where was the movie Crooklyn filmed?
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i think Queenie was a Pekenese

What is the duration of Crooklyn?

The duration of Crooklyn is 1.92 hours.

When was Crooklyn created?

Crooklyn was created on 1994-05-13.

When was Crooklyn Dodgers created?

Crooklyn Dodgers was created in 1995.

When was Crooklyn released?

Crooklyn was released on 05/13/1994.

What was the Production Budget for Crooklyn?

The Production Budget for Crooklyn was $14,000,000.

How much money did Crooklyn gross worldwide?

Crooklyn grossed $13,024,170 worldwide.

How much money did Crooklyn gross domestically?

Crooklyn grossed $13,024,170 in the domestic market.

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im stone in love with you

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