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Most of it was filmed in Canada.

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Q: Where was the movie elektra filmed?
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Where is the lake house from Elektra movie located?

Well, the entire movie was filmed in British Columbia,Canada.

Is the movie elektra a book?

No, it isn't a book but it is based on comics - Elektra.

Is abby miller elektra's daughter in the movie elektra?

Abby Miller is not Elektra's daughter, she was one of Elektra's marks in which she had to assasinate. When shewas about to shoot her with a crossbow shecouldn't do it because she had developed a bond with her and her father. (:

Elektra king is a character of what movie?


Who played Elektra in the movie daredevil?

Jennifer Garner

What is the power elektra natchios gets at the end of the movie elektra?

she doesn't get any power. she just becomes good again.

Will there be an elektra 2?

No. There was some talk of creating a movie franchise on Elektra before the movie came out, and Jen Gardner seemed to want to do it, but the movie tanked at the box office and the movie execs pulled the plug on any sequels.

Where is the part on the lake of the movie Elektra set in?

Somewhere in Canada.

Who is the superhuman action girl played by Jennifer Garner?

Elektra - she starred in the movie "Daredevil" (2003) with Ben Affleck, and the sequel "Elektra" (2005).

Is there any real sharpened Sais that you could buy that look like the sais from the movie Elektra?

Yes , sai are available that are like those used by Elektra .

Where was the Flying Nun movie filmed?

There was no movie filmed

What is the movie that was filmed on Pandora's Navis?

the movie that was filmed on Pandora's Navis was Avatar