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Q: Where is wally in the final page in where's wally the journey?
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In Where is Wally in Hollywood where are the 10 Golden Wally Trophies on the first page?

Let's start on page 1 ...there are 70 trophies on each page....So on page 1..the 7th , 20th , 24th, 46th and 53rd are different (counting the trophies horizontally from the beginning of page 1) now on page 2 ..similarly there are 70 trophies....So on page 2 ...the 8th, 25th, 35th, 43rd, and 48th are different (counting horizontally from the beginning of page 2)

Where is the bandaged finger in exhibtion 1 in where's wally the great picture hunt?

it on a pirates finger! its on the right - side page, to the right of the archway with the ghouls in it..under the frame of the bug...if you align from these two positions you'll find it :)

Where is Wally the incredible paper chase?

The castle siege:on the left top corner under the large flag but a bit higher than the base , the Jurassic games: right top corner just uncover the zebra dinosaur head , picture this: go from the middle picture of someone skiing then to the left of that is we're wally is , :what a dog fight: go from straight into the centre to the left , the beat of the drums: from the main bit of the parade go to lithe left and down to were the men dressed in blue are and you will see him, the great escape: go from the centre of the maze then move a cm to the left , the enormous party: wally is the cig one who is walking directly in the centre !

When does soul become a death scythe?

In the anime series he doesn't change, yet. But in the manga it doesn't show it but, its the last page in chapter 62-formation, that shows you Soul's final soul.

What page in lord of the flies does jack say bullocks to the rules?

page 99, near the top of the page for one of the books, or near the end of chapter 5

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Where is wally in wheres wally in Hollywood horseplay in troy?

He's on the lefthand page near the bottom to the left of the two white shields with crosses on them.

Where is the scroll in where's wally the wonder book page 4?

In the land of the wallies? find the witch. go to the right of her until you find the binoculars. then carry on until you find the glasses. find the wally in between them and the wall directly in font of it is wally because he hs lost a shoe and is wearing a stripy sock.

Wheres woof in wheres wally the wonder book page 1?

If you're looking for Woof in Once Upon A Page, he is in the upper right hand side. Above the large book "Wenda's Guide to Art" you will see a man wearing red, white, and blue top hat and next to him is a man wearing a grey top hat. Woof is between them. For all pages except the last, Woof is only visible by his tail.

Where is Wally in Hollywood in the foreign legion?

Wally is somewhere at the left page.

Where is wally in Hollywood 'fun in the foreign legion'?

Wally is somewhere at the left page.

Where is Wally in Land of Wallies in The Fantastic Journey?

Look for the witch, and when you find her, put your finger on her. Then move your finger straight across to the right until you find the binoculars, then keep moving across until you find glasses. Look at the wally in between the glasses and binoculars, go to the wally directly below him. Keep moving your finger down this wally and you will see he is wearing no sock and that is wally!

Where is woof in wheres wally in holly wood horseplay in troy?

Woof is hiding behind a man dressed in white with a blue trim on the bottom and a blue headband shooting an arrow at an archery target. It is in the midle of the two groups of fighters in yellow on the right hand side of the page

Where is wally in 'a tremendous song and dance'?

In the book "Where's Wally? The Totally Essential Travel Collection," Wally can be found on page 13 in the crowd scene of "A Tremendous Song and Dance." Look for his signature red-and-white striped shirt, hat, and glasses among the colorful chaos of the scene.

Where is Wally in Fun in the Foreign Legion page?

In the book "Where's Wally? The Totally Terrific Travel Activity Book," Wally can be found on page 21 of the "Fun in the Foreign Legion" scene. He is located near the top right corner of the page, wearing his distinctive red and white striped shirt and hat.

Where is wally ali baba and the forty thieves?

on the right page there is the directors platform, to the right of that there is the start of a big huddle look to the right of the hand and the is wally

In Where is wally in Hollywood where is odlaw in dinosaurs?

left page, close to cavemen slepping

Where is wally in when the stars come out?

he is in the curtain behind the introducer. in the the right page middle left