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The well is located on the campus of Cal State University Channel Islands in Camarillo, California

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Q: Where is the well from the movie the ring?
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What was Bella's special ring for in twilight movie?

well its Edwards mother ring

What did the little girl come out of in The Ring?

In the movie The Ring (2002), the little girl, Samara, comes out of a well.

Where is the well from the ring movie?

It is located at California State University- Channel Islands.

Does Bella Swan have any jewelry in the twilight movie?

Well she wears a ring and a couple of bracelets. Hope that helped!

Is the rings tape real?

The Ring tape is fictional, it was made for the fictional Horror movie The Ring.

Why was the movie 'The Ring' called that?

Because it's the last image on the tape, and the last image the victims see before they die. That's the tagline for the movie: "Before you die, you see the ring." The ring is the last image on the tape and the last thing the victims see before they die because it is the last thing Sadako/Samara saw before she died: the ring of light coming through the lid of the well.

The ring which type of horror movie?

The Ring falls into the category of Supernatural or Paranormal type Horror Movie.

Who is the girl off of the ring?

Daveigh Chase played Samara in the movie The Ring

Who keeps the One Ring in movie The Lord of the Rings?

Frodo is the ring bearer.

What kind of ring did John wear in the movie dear John?

army ring

Does ring-ring likes garu?

Ring Ring likes Garu a little, but Garu rejects Ring-Ring as well as Pucca.

Where can you get the Samara Morgan tape from?

From the movie, The Ring. They play the tape in the movie.