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In Southern California (but I won't tell you where exactly it a secret)

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Q: Where is the tv series justified filmed?
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What is the duration of Justified TV series?

The duration of Justified - TV series - is 2520.0 seconds.

When was Justified - TV series - created?

Justified - TV series - was created on 2010-03-16.

Was the TV series Justified filmed in Harlan County KY?

Some of the pilot was filmed in Western Pennsylvania but the rest of it is filmed here in Southern California. In fact CSI, Nightrider, NCIS, older Power Rangers, Star Trek and several others are filmed in the same locations.

Was any of the Mash tv series filmed in KOREA?

No, the series was filmed entirely in California.

Where is the opening scene of the television show justified filmed?

Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA

When was Tracy beaker series 1 filmed?

It was filmed ages ago. It was on TV in 2010

Where is the new tv show justified filmed?

The pilot was filmed in Western Pennsylvania. The show will be filmed in California. See link to article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette from January 2010.

Where was the TV series Camelot filmed?

It is mainly filmed in a studio in Cardiff and a castle in France but they do film in other locations

Where was friends tv series filmed?

Friends was filmed in New york in the state and the series lasted for 10 years

Where is the tv series Medium filmed?

It is set in Arizona, but I am not sure if it is Filmed there.

Where was the 2006 TV mini series Broken Trail filmed?

The 2006 TV mini-series, Broken Trail was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When is the third series of Dani's House been filmed or has it already been filmed?

i think the third series was filmed in Scotland and it should be aired later on in 2010. I think it has already been filmed about the same time when series 2 was filmed. Im excited for when it comes on TV :D