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Some of the pilot was filmed in Western Pennsylvania but the rest of it is filmed here in Southern California. In fact CSI, Nightrider, NCIS, older Power Rangers, Star Trek and several others are filmed in the same locations.

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Q: Was the TV series Justified filmed in Harlan County KY?
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What town is shown in the opening of Justified?

The shot of a town at the end of the credits is actually Harlan, Kentucky. It's a small city of less about 1730 people and is the seat of Harlan County.On the series, most of the characters in Harlan county live in the rural parts of Harlan and not within the city limits.

Where is the tv series justified filmed?

In southern California (but I won't tell you where exactly it a secret)

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What is the duration of Justified TV series?

The duration of Justified - TV series - is 2520.0 seconds.

When was Justified - TV series - created?

Justified - TV series - was created on 2010-03-16.

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No, the series was filmed entirely in California.

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It was filmed ages ago. It was on TV in 2010

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What series?

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