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the current lead singer is alexia rodriguez, who also plays guitar, she took over after Lindsay vogt left the band

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Q: Where is the lead singer of eyes set to kill?
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When was Eyes Set to Kill created?

Eyes Set to Kill was created in 2003.

Who are the members of Eyes Set To Kill?

The members of Eyes Set to Kill are Alexia Rodriguez vocals and lead guitar and her sister Anissa Rodriguez on bass along with Caleb Clinton on drums, Cisko Miranda on rhythm guitar and scream vocals.

Who are eyes set to kill?

Eyes Set to Kill (also abbreviated ESTK) is an American Metalcore band from Tempe, Arizona.

When was Reach - Eyes Set to Kill album - created?

Reach - Eyes Set to Kill album - was created on 2008-02-19.

Is Eyes Set to Kill a satanic band?

No, Eyes Set to Kill is not a satanic band. They are an Alt metal and post- hardcore band.

Who the lead singer in summer set?

Brain Dales

Does the lead singer of the ready set have a girlfriend?


Who is the lead singer of the ready set?

Jordan Witzigreuter

What religion is the band Eyes Set To Kill?

Eyes Set To Kill are not a religion oriented band. The members all have separate religious views which are private.

How old is Brandon from eyes set to kill?


Who screams in eyes set to kill?

Cisko Miranda

How old is lead singer Jordan off of the ready set?

The head singer I believe is around 18!