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yes, she dating Jake from drop dead gorgeous

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Q: Does Anissa rodriguez from eyes set to kill have a boyfriend?
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When is Anissa Rodriguez from Eyes Set To Kill's birthday?

Anissa is not 18, she is 21

Is Anissa Rodriguez from Eyes set to kill Hispanic?

Yeah! You Gotta Problem With That?

Who are the members of Eyes Set To Kill?

The members of Eyes Set to Kill are Alexia Rodriguez vocals and lead guitar and her sister Anissa Rodriguez on bass along with Caleb Clinton on drums, Cisko Miranda on rhythm guitar and scream vocals.

Does alexia rodriguez from eyes set to kill have a boyfriend?

Yeah with Alex Lopez the Drummer of Suicide Silence

Does Jake from drop dead gorgeous have a girlfriend?

yes, Jake does have a girlfriend. he's dating anissa from eyes set to kill.

When is Alexia Rodriguez from Eyes Set To Kill's birthday?

her birthday is on January 27th. i don't know the year. hope this helped.

Where is the lead singer of eyes set to kill?

the current lead singer is alexia rodriguez, who also plays guitar, she took over after Lindsay vogt left the band

Did the big show kill ricardo Rodriguez?


When was Eyes Set to Kill created?

Eyes Set to Kill was created in 2003.

What was her boyfriend's name that Ashanti she killed?

shell didn't kill her boyfriend

How do you get daughters boyfriend arrested for trying to kill her?

Call the police and tell them daughters boyfriend tried to kill her. They will take care of it.

How do you get your parents to let you have a boyfriend?

kill them!