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The Cunard Line formerly known as Cunard White-Star Line is a British-American shipping company. It's headquarters are located in Southampton, England.

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Q: Where is the headquarters of the Cunard Line?
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When was Cunard Line created?

Cunard Line was created in 1840.

When was Cunard-White Star Line created?

Cunard-White Star Line was created in 1934.

What is the name of the person in charge of the Cunard Cruise Line?

Cunard Cruise...

Where is Cunard cruise line's home port?

The home port of Cunard is the Port of Southampton

Are Whitestar Line and Cunard linked?

White Star Line was acquired by Cunard starting in 1934 with a 60%+ share of ownership, with the remaining portion purchased in 1947. Carnival Corporation purchased Cunard in 1988.

Is white star line still running?

Yes, now known as Cunard Cruise Line

Who owns Cunard Line?

Carnival Corporation

How much on average does it cost to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line?

It can be very expensive to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line. On average, it costs around two-thousand US dollars per night per person to take a cruise on the Cunard cruise line.

What company did white star line merge with?


Who were rms titanics rivals?

The White Star line's rival was the Cunard line.

What was the rescue boats name for the titanic?

The rescue ship was the Cunard-Line Carpathia who was captained by Arthur Rostron.

Was the lusitania a white star line ship?

No it was a Cunard liner.