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in the batwing chase, third part of jokers last laugh - fly over red switches to get it.

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Q: Where is the blue key on Lego batman ds?
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How do you get the gold key in Lego batman ds?

find red brick in batmobile chase

Is Lego batman 2 for Nintendo or just Nintendo 3DS?

Yes, there is lego batman 2 to the DS system

Where is hush in LEGO Batman DS?

Hush is the villain in the game Lego Batman on the DS. He is located by where Harley Quinn stands, which is in between the two batarangs on the clown door.

How do you get vehicles on LEGO batman ds?

You cannot buy your own vehicles in Lego Batman, however you can use vehicles in mini games.

How do you unlock nightwing in Lego batman ds ds?

You have to buy him from the shop for 125,000 studs

Where is Polilla on villain hunt Lego batman DS?

in the doungment

How much does Lego batman 2 cost to the ds?


Which Batman Lego set has a batarang?

i no that the ds does and probly the ps2

How you can download Lego Batman?

for ds you cant you have to do multicard play

Where do use the codes in Lego batman?

on ds it is at the options menu

What is the best LEGO game for ds?

Batman Lego, better graphics than the other lego games and gameplay is superb.

On Lego batman ds where is the last joker card?

There is no Final Card