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in the first area (the very beginning)there are push in things, one side has 3 and the other has 2. On the side that has 2 push the far one. On the other side push in the two farthest one and the joker card will pop up

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Q: Where is joker card in Lego Batman ds art gallery in hero mode?
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On Lego batman ds where is the last joker card?

There is no Final Card

Where is joker card in Lego Batman DS art gallery?

On one bit you have to glide and there is a ledge with a grey panel on it. Smash the grey panel and that's where the joker card is. By the way, it also unlocks scarecrow.

Where do you find the joker's card in Arctic world on Lego batman ds?

You have to use a charcter that uses a gun. When you run the level with a that character, you will recieve another joker's card.

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