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Shirley Stewart now resides in New York City and still performs at clubs out on Long Island.

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Q: Where is shirley Stewart who sang walked away from love once more?
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Who wrote Walk Away from Love?

There are two "walk away from love" that confuse people...David Ruffin did "walk away from love" on Motown label...the second "walk away from love" which is a completely different song was sung by yours truly Shirley Stewart born in Barbados, the home of Ri Ri......the song was written by Shirley Stewart & Richard Walters & release in 1984.....peace!

Who sang i walked away from love once more i do it every time the artist is not Dobby Dobson. It's a Motown version not reggae?

The Soul (or Motown) version (the original) is by Shirley Stewart - "Walk Away From Love".Shirley Stewart was in the group, The Escorts. It is strange that Shirley Stewart is suppose to be a female's name but it sounds like a male is singing the song. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful song that gives me cold seeds or (goose bumps).It may be found under the category Bajan Love Songs (Bajan is short for Barbadian), I believe the singer is from Barbados. It can also be found under the category, Caribbean Love Songs.Enjoy!P.S. To hear this song go to and type 'Shirley Stewart'. It can also be downloaded from but you must download their software first.Why do i do this? Over the years so many people have answered questions for me at no cost. The least I can do is merely return the favor to someone else and the world goes around.Peace people, take care of each other and make life easier!

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