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shirley wahls - thats how long im gonna love you

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Ash Tidball you know i love you

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Q: What is the song on simply be advert?
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What is the song in the new hellmans mayonnaise advert?

If you're asking that "simply wonderful" thing, it is: Tim Myers - Simply Wonderful

Who sings the advert song for Australia Emirates advert?

gary barlow

What is the ancestry advert song?

Latest music used in the advert

Who sings the song in the McDonalds advert 2013?

Dave Brubeck sings the song in the McDonalds advert 2013. The name of the song is "Unsquare Dance" and it was released in 1962.

What is the song off the lips advert?

the song is "take on me" by a-ha.

Who is the girl from the simply health advert?

The girl in the advert is an employee of Simplyhealth. Her name is Rebecca Jeremy.

Who sings the song on the next advert?

The song that is featured on the new Next advert May 2009 is called The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.

What song in the new heinz soup advert?

The song featured in the Heinz soup advert is "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin.

What is the 2012 made in Chelsea advert song?

The 2012 Made in Chelsea advert song is titled "Wet Welly" by Clubfeet.

Who sang the technology song from the advert?

The Song is Technoligic by Daft Punk.

Who sings latest sky advert song think its called simply delicious?

It's April Smith and the Great Picture Show and called "Wow and Flutter"

Who sings the song from the Wales advert?