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Q: Who sings the soNg in the first choice holiday advert?
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Who sings the song on the teletext holidays advert?

It is Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham.

Who sings the theme music on teletext holidays advert?

The song is called 'Holiday Road' by Lindsey Buckingham

Who sings the theme song on the teletext holiday TV advert?

The song is called 'Holiday Road' by Lindsey Buckingham - you might remember it from the National Lampoon movies!?

Who sings lollipop on the dell advert?

"L Debois" sings the lead and the guys on the advert are lip syncing to it!

Who sings the Optimum nutrition for life advert?

Charlie Hunnam is the one who sings the Optimum Nutrition For life advert.

Who sings the advert song for Australia Emirates advert?

gary barlow

Who sings the theme to the new Dancing on Ice advert for 2011?

Who sings the theme to the the new dancing on ice advert 2013

Who sings the song in the new cooperative fairtrade advert?

This is the first single, Zingolo from Ghanaian MC Tinny

Who sings ipa advert?

Jake Bugg

Who sings the webuyanycar advert?

Peppa pig.

Who sings the advert for Spam up?


Who sings the song from the Wales advert?