Where is forks from twilight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On the west cost of the US, in Washington state, close but not to close to Seattle.

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Q: Where is forks from twilight?
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What is on the welcome sign for forks in twilight?

ON the welcome sign for forks in Twilight is ironically "Welcome to Forks".

Where did they shoot the movie twilight?

they shoot the movie twilight in forks,Washingtion they shoot twilight!!!!!!!!

Where is forks in the book twilight new moon?

Forks is in Washington.

Where is the movie twilight set?

The Twilight movie was set for the most part in Forks, Washington, USA.

What is Twilight in Forks?

it is a DVD about the town of forks and fans, Stephine Meyer, but mainly the town of forks.

What is the DVD twilight in forks?

It's a documentary on the real town of forks.

In twilight What is the name of the super market in forks?

The Forks Supermarket is a Thriftway.

What was twilight supposed to be named?

Twilight was supposed to be named Forks. But then Stephanie Meyer thought 'Forks is a stupid name for a book so lets call it Twilight'

What was the original title for twilight?


What is the main city in twilight?

Forks .

What is the school did Bella go to in twilight?

They both attend Forks High School in Forks, Washington. =]

1In which rainy town is Twilight set?

Twilight is set in Forks, Washington. Although Forks is a real place, the movie Twilight is not actually shot in the town of Forks. Furthermore, Stephanie Meyer had never visited Forks, Washington before writing her novel. She simply googled it.