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The Spartans (in Twilight)

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Q: What is the mascot of Forks High?
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What is forks high school mascot?

The mascot of Forks High School in Forks, Washington, is the Spartans.

What was Bella's high school mascot in Forks?

Bella's high school mascot in Forks was a Spartan.

Twilight - what is the forks high school mascot?

The Mascot (also in twilihgt) is the Spartans.

What high school does Bella Swan goes to?

Bella goes to Forks High School. They're mascot is the Spartans.

What is the name of Edward Cullen's high school?

The name of the High School he goes to repetedly is Forks High School. Forks is names after the city it is in Forks. Forks and Pheniox are REAL cities.

Is Forks High School a real place in Washington?

Yes. Forks High School (FHS) is a comprehensive public high school in Forks, Washington.

How many people are there at forks high school?

there are about 110 people in forks high school and in all of forks there are 3521 people

What is the homepage for Forks High School? this is the website for Forks High School in Forks Washington.

Miami High School Has what for a mascot?

miami high school mascot is a sting

In twilight what is forks high school home of?

In the book series "Twilight," Forks High School is home to the characters Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and other students. It is where Bella meets Edward and where much of the story takes place.

Who is the mascot for Cleveland High?

* Grover Cleveland High School, Reseda, Los Angeles, California , Mascot: Cavaliers * Cleveland High School, Seattle, Washington, Mascot: Eagle * Cleveland High School, Portland Oregon, Mascot: Warriors

What college did Edward want Bella to go to?

Edward Cullen persuides her into going to Dartmouth college.