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Their mascot is a viking.

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2011-06-08 15:33:45
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Q: What is the mascot for Santa Monica high school?
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When was Santa Monica High School created?

Santa Monica High School was created in 1884.

What is the motto of Santa Monica High School?

The motto of Santa Monica High School is 'Sincerity, Maturity, Honor and Service'.

Is Santa Fe high school huskies or wolves?

The mascot for Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico is the Demons

Where did Brody Jenner go to high school?

Santa Monica crossroads

What school has gauchos for mascot?

El Cerrito High School; El Cerrito, CA UC Santa Barbara

Miami High School Has what for a mascot?

miami high school mascot is a sting

Where did nick cannon grow up and go to school?

Born in San Diego, CA. Graduated from Monte Vista High School in San Diego. Attended Santa Monica Community College, Santa Monica, CA.

Which one is a better high school Santa Monica High School or Palisades Charter High School and WHY?

PALISADES CHARTER SCHOOL!!!! yeah it rocks because it has team sprit and ur face

Santa Monica high school offers what online help for the students?

Santa Monica High School offers help for students online by listing schedules, class information, and important dates for seniors. Students can also find help with courses and online tutoring.

Where did Kate Hudson go to school?

Kate Hudson graduated high school from Crossroads School, 1997; a Santa Monica performing arts school.

Where did Robert Downey Jr go to college?

Robert Downey Jr went to Santa Monica High School

When Sean Penn goes to his reunion at Santa Monica High School he will see all but which of these celebs?

Mike Myers

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