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the episode is on demand but not online yet.

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Q: Where is episode 180 of Hollywood Heights?
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When is episode 156 from Hollywood heights coming?


Will Hollywood heights episode 143 be on tonight on the teen nick webpage?

You can see Hollywood heights channel 124 usually on FRIDAY

What is the song they play at the end of episode 50 of Hollywood Heights?

Other side by Keaton Simons

What time will Hollywood heights episode 141 be online?

Usually the next day around noon sadly :(

Where can you find Hollywood heights episode 141?

Um mm you can find it on Hollywood heights original web page on Tuesday because it now comes on teen nick a completely different channel @ 8:00

When do the new season of Hollywood heights come on?

The next time Hollywood Heights will come on is in december 2012

When will Lauren find out that Eddie is not dead on Hollywood Heights?

Lauren will find out in the next episode, Eddie begs the brother and sister to let him call Lauren.

Is mars from Hollywood heights on iTunes?

. Nope:(

What is the funniest episode of summer heights high?

episode 7

When does episode 141 of Hollywood heights come on?

This episode has already aired but may be put on the shows home site within a few days of its airing. The show is listed to come on every week night at 8 on teen nick.

What are the release dates for Hollywood Heights - 2012 1-118 SUSPENDED?

Hollywood Heights - 2012 1-118 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2012

What are the release dates for Hollywood Heights - 2012 The Collaboration - 1.34?

Hollywood Heights - 2012 The Collaboration - 1.34 was released on: USA:2 August 2012