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bornabreena cemetry on the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, in Tallaght I think, there is Just a minor spelling error: The cementary's name should be Bohernabreena

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Q: Where is ciaran bourke buried in dublin?
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Where was ciaran bourke from the dubliners from in dublin?

Yes, he was from Dublin.

When did Ciaran Bourke die?

Ciaran Bourke died on 1988-05-10.

When was Ciaran Bourke born?

Ciaran Bourke was born on 1935-02-18.

How tall was ciaran bourke of the dubliners?

Ciaran Bourke, a member of the Irish folk band The Dubliners, was approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall.

When was Charlotte Bourke born?

Charlotte Bourke was born in Dublin, in Ireland.

When was Ciaran Hope born?

Ciaran Hope was born on August 4, 1974, in Dublin, Ireland.

When was Gerry Bourke born?

Gerry Bourke was born on January 20, 1936, in Dublin, Ireland.

Where is Fred hollows grave?

In Bourke, NSW. He is buried in Bourke and had their wake for him there as well.

Where is de valera buried?

in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Where is Michael Collins buried?

Glasnevin Cemetary, Dublin.

Where is Countess Constance Markievicz buried?

Glasnevin Cemetry, Dublin

Where is Luke Kelly's wife buried?

Deidre O'Connell died in 2001. She is buried with Luke in Glasnevin Cemetary in Dublin