When did Sean Bourke die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sean Bourke died in 1982.

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Q: When did Sean Bourke die?
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When is Sean bourke's birthday?

Sean bourke's birthday is the 22'nd of may ! gigig

How old is Sean bourke now 2012?

Sean Bourke from Angus,thongs and perfect snogging is 20 in 2012

Is Sean bourke alive?


How old is Sean Bourke?

How old is Sean Bourke, he plays Tom Robbies brother in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging he is 18.

What year was Sean Bourke born?

Sean Bourke was born December 6, 1982 (12-6-1982). He is 18 years old.

Who plays tom in angus thongs and perfect snogging?

Sean bourke plays tom in the teen movie angus thongs and perfect snogging hes a hottie!

Is Sean bourke and aaron Johnson twins in real life?


When did Terry Bourke die?

Terry Bourke died in 2002.

When did Meiler Bourke die?

Meiler Bourke died in 1520.

When did Edmund Bourke die?

Edmund Bourke died in 1738.

When did Ulick Bourke die?

Ulick Bourke died in 1887.

When did Ricard Bourke die?

Ricard Bourke died in 1509.