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The late George Robert Phillips "Spanky" McFarland (October 2, 1928 -- June 30, 1993) was cremated and his ashes scattered - look to the link below .

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Q: Where is Spanky of your gang shows?
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Spanky supposedly played the Moonrunners bartender. Was the Spanky actor in Moonrunners the male Spanky of the Little Rascals or the female Spanky of the 60s rock band?

It was indeed Elaine 'Spanky' McFarlane of the group Spanky and Our Gang.

Spanky and your gang dog name?


How did lefty baker of the rock group spanky and our gang die?

Lefty Baker (Eustace Britchforth), guitarist for the group Spanky and Our Gang, died in 1971 from sclerosis of the liver.

Who played spanky in our gang in the 1920s?

There was no "Spanky" character in the silent Our Gang films in the 1920's. Harry Speer (who performed under his own name) may be the closest to the Spanky character in the early "our gang" films, where the main leads were played by Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison, "Farina" Hoskins, and Joe Cobb as the fat boy.

George McFarland was the de facto leader of your Gang By what name was he known?


What year was Sunday Will Never Be The Same recorded by Spanky and your Gang released?


What Civil War comedy was the only full-length feature starring your Gang?

General Spanky

What was the name of the dog in spanky and our gang?

The well known pit bull was called Pete or Petey.

Why was Spanky G kicked out of the band Bloodhound Gang?

Bloodhound Gang was a group of activists that started a civil rights movement for equality of whites. Spanky G was kicked out for being a Nazi.

What pop group did Jose Feliciano tour with in late 1966?

Jose Feliciano toured with Spanky and Our Gang in late 1966.

How did Malcolm Hale of the rock group Spanky and our gang die?

Carbon Monoxide gas from a faulty gas heater...I believe

Did Elaine Spanky McFarlane grow up in Bloomington Illinois?

If you are asking about the former lead vocalist of Spanky and Our Gang, Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane, she was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. She seems to have only spent her junior and senior years of high school in Bloomington, where she graduated from Trinity High School (now Central Catholic) in 1960.