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Bloodhound Gang was a group of activists that started a civil rights movement for equality of whites. Spanky G was kicked out for being a Nazi.

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He left due to repeated bullying. As shown in the documentary One Fierce Beer Coaster.

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Q: Why was Spanky G kicked out of the band Bloodhound Gang?
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The American band Bloodhound Gang formed in 1991. They initially started out as a rap group, however over the years their genre changed between rap and alternative rock.

What is the name of the band that dress up as monkey's for there music video?

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What is the lead singers name in bloodhound gang?

James Moyer Franks is the current lead singer for the band Bloodhound Gang but he is known as Jimmy Pop. He has always been the lead vocalist ever since 1992 when the band was formed

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The Bloodhound Gang band started out as a rap group but has evolved into a style of their own. Their style of music and performance mixes humor, sexual elements together with off beat music.

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Jimmy Pop is the only original founding member of the Bloodhound Gang left in the group.Former membersFoof - vocals (1992)Bubba K. Love - vocals (1992-1993)Daddy Long Legs - vocals, bass guitar (1992-1995)M.S.G. - turntables (1993-1995)Skip O'Pot2Mus - drums (1993-1995)Tard-E-Tard - turntables (1995)Spanky G - drums (1995-1998)Lupus Thunder - lead guitar (1994-2008)Willie The New Guy - drums (1999-2006)

What movie and television projects has Bloodhound Gang been in?

Bloodhound Gang has: Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played Themselves in "Die Harald Schmidt Show" in 1995. Played Themselves in "Top of the Pops" in 1998. Played Themselves in "TV total" in 1999. Played Themselves in "Viva la Bam" in 2003. Played Themselves - The Band in "Bloodhound Gang: One Fierce Beer Run" in 2003. Played Themselves in "Video on Trial" in 2005. Played Themselves - Accused in "Video on Trial" in 2005. Played Themselves in "The Dudesons Movie" in 2006.

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