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Born and raised in Cheshire, England!

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Q: Where is Harry Styles place of birth?
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What year was Harry Styles?

Harry Styles date of birth: 1st February 1994

Does harry styles have a birth mark on his neck?

No harry doesn't have a birth mark on his nick but Liam has one

Where did Harry Styles mum and dad live before they had harry?

They lived in the same place two years before they had Harry Styles

Does Harry Styles has any serious illness by birth?

Harry Styles is one member of the boy band One Direction. Harry Styles has never claimed to have a serious illness by birth. Rumors did arise that he may have an eating disorder but his mother said they were false.

Where is harry styles favourite place to eat?

a taco place

What is Harry Styles favorite place?

he likes a place in Australia

What is Harry Styles birth day?

march may or february

What was Harry Styles birthname?

Harry Edward Milward is his real name. He uses styles like a stage name like lady gaga. what kind of parent would name there kid lady?

When is Harry Styles birth date?

He was born 1st february 1994

How long has harry styles liked toys?

Since birth i think

What is Harry Styles's birth name?

Joe Milward and Ann Cox

What is Harry Styles birth name?

Joe Milward and Ann Cox