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No harry doesn't have a birth mark on his nick but Liam has one

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Q: Does harry styles have a birth mark on his neck?
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How did Harry Styles beak his neck?

he broke his neck with a slippery car accident

Where does Harry Styles like to be kissed?

apparently the neck... But I didn't tell you that.

What is Harry Styles favorite spot to be kissed?

He likes to kiss girls around the neck and on the lips.

Who has a birth mark on his neck in the band One Direction?

Liam Payne!!

Where is Harry styles most ticklish?

he is most ticklish on his ribs and feet

Does harry styles wear a cross around his neck and is Zayn Malik a muslim?

i don't know if does bt i noe that zayn wore one and yes his is a muslin

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What guitarist recorded the album, Neck and Neck, with Mark Knopfler in 1991?

Chet Atkins

What guitarist recorded the album Neck and Neck with Mark Knopfler in 1991?

chet Atkins

What is styles p neck tattoo?

the tattoo says NOAH which is his sons name

What are the names ang faces of the band of one direction?

There are five members in One Direction: Harry Edward Styles (curly brown hair, green eyes, dimples) Louis William Tomlinson (light brown hair, blue eyes, wears stripes a lot) Liam James Payne (brown hair, brown eyes, has a birth mark on his neck) Niall James Horan (bright blonde hair, blue eyes, Irish) Zayn Jawaad Malik (dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin)

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