Where is Father MC?

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2010-09-23 23:45:50

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Not making court-appointed, childsupport payments is bad enough, but now we bring you the news that rapper Father MC is also dodging his payments for his fancy leased car.

One day after we brought you the news that Father was actually a deadbeat father, a boss at New York Style Leasing phoned us to say the rapper who recently posed nude in Playgirl has not made good on his payments for a blue, four-door BMW 325i sedan. "I can't say this is a new thing, he's had his car repo'd before," a rep told us. "But if you can turn us onto his whereabouts, we'd be forever grateful." Grateful how? Like give us his wheels if we come up with it?

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2010-09-23 23:45:50
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Q: Where is Father MC?
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