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The Hunger Games movie was filmed in Ashville, NC

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Q: Where in North Carolina was Hunger Games filmed?
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Where are The Hunger Games are going to be filmed?

The Hunger Games has been filming around North Carolina since July 2011.

Where will the Hunger Games movie be filmed and when will production begin?

The Hunger Games are being Filmed in Henry River, Nc Ashville ,NC and other places in North CArolina

Where are they filming 'The Hunger Games'?

North Carolina

Was the Hunger Games filmed in Atlanta?

No. North Carolina. The entire film was shot in North Carolina. The cities and/or mountains where it was filmed are Barnardsville, Black Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Asheville, Charlotte, Concord, DuPont State Forest, Hildebran, Shelby, the North Fork Reservoir, and Pisgah National Forest

What is the region that Panem is in in the Hunger Games?

North Carolina

What places does the Hunger Games involve?

The hunger games was filmed in Charlotte North Carolina because of the money. It is much cheaper to film a movie in the all natural woods rather than in LA with a green screen or something like that. Hope this helped!

What was distict 12 setting in the Hunger Games movie?

It was in North Carolina

When will the auditions for 'The Hunger Games' movie be?

They have already passed. They were in North Carolina.

Was the music video are you going to kiss me or not filmed in North Carolina?

Yes, it was filmed in North Carolina.

Did the shoot the movie Hunger Games in the amazon jungle?

They shot the Hunger Games all over North Carolina. They haven't shot it in the Amazon... yet.

Where was the Hunger Games shooted?

Ashville, North Carolina is where they shot all of the scenes during the games and I am pretty sure for the rest of the movie :) (kinda a geek about the hunger games)

Where is Hunger set?

The Hunger Games takes place in the future in the ruins of North America. The Nation is now called Panem it is in transylvania country North Carolina