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No. North Carolina. The entire film was shot in North Carolina. The cities and/or mountains where it was filmed are Barnardsville, Black Mountain, Cedar Mountain, Asheville, Charlotte, Concord, DuPont State Forest, Hildebran, Shelby, the North Fork Reservoir, and Pisgah National Forest

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Q: Was the Hunger Games filmed in Atlanta?
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Will the other Hunger Games be filmed?

Yes the other hunger games will be filmed

Where in North Carolina was Hunger Games filmed?

The hunger games movie was filmed in Ashville, NC

Were was the Hunger Games filmed?

It was filmed in Ashville, NC.

Where was the Hunger games filmed?

In africa

Where is Hunger Games part 2 going to be filmed?

There is no part 2 of the Hunger Games.

Are they casting for The Hunger Games?

No, all four of The Hunger Games movies have already been filmed.

Where will the Hunger Games movie be filmed and when will production begin?

The Hunger Games are being Filmed in Henry River, Nc Ashville ,NC and other places in North CArolina

Can you audtion for The Hunger Games movie?

No because all 4 Hunger Games movies have already been filmed.

Where are The Hunger Games are going to be filmed?

The Hunger Games has been filming around North Carolina since July 2011.

Is the Hunger Games Movie being filmed yet?

yes it should be out in cinemas in November

Are all four movies of Hunger Games filmed?

no only the 1st and 2nd one the 2nd one just came out

Where is family feud hosted by Steve Harvey filmed in?

As of April 2012 it is filmed at the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, GA.