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Just get his address and put it in the mail box and put the flag up!!!! How else would you??

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Q: Where douse Justin Bieber live and how do you send a measage to him?
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Does justin bieber live in a jewish community?

NO, justin bieber is not jewish

Does Selena Gomez live with Justin Bieber?

NO! they went out, but Selena doesnt live with Justin bieber.

Do's Justin Bieber live with usher?

No, Justin Bieber doesnt live with Usher he lives with his mom.

What drive does Justin Bieber live?

Justin Bieber lives at the Playboy Mansion

Where in Atlanta Georgia does Justin Bieber live?

Justin Bieber lives in Canada.

Does Justin Bieber live in aberdeen?

Justin Bieber lives in: Atlanta, Georgia!

Were does Justin in bieber live in?

Justin Bieber lives in Atlanta, Georgia. And it is 100% a fact, that Justin Bieber is the hottest boy on earth.

Is Justin Bieber going to live in mew Mexico?

Yes, Justin Bieber is going to live in New Mexico

Were does Justin Bieber dream to live?

Justin Bieber has always wanted to live in Hawaii and go surfing with his fans

In which contory Justin Bieber live?

Use the link below to "Where does Justin Bieber live?" for some correct information.

Do Justin Bieber live or die?

Justin bieber is really dead and somebody is replacing him

Where does the songwriter Justin Bieber live?

Justin Bieber lives in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).