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The Russian scientist Leon Theremin was the one who invented the theremin.

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It comes from Russia.

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Q: Where does the theremin come from?
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When did Leon Theremin die?

Leon Theremin died on November 3, 1993 at the age of 97.

What is the instrument used in horror movies?

Most likely a violin.

What is making the alternating high and low sound effect of the Obit Machine on the early Outer Limits episode called OBIT 1963?

I believe that you may be referring to the Theremin. It was a musical instrument invented by a former Russian, Leon Theremin. It utilized two antennae that were influenced by the operator's hands relative to the antennae without touching. The electrico-magnetic flux around the antennae were indiced by the relative distance on one's hands to the emf. The electrical signals were affected, and subsequently altered the pitch of the sound emitted from the speaker. It was used for many sci-fi oriented films of it's day for it's eerie sounding electronic sounds. Movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" featured it in soundtracks and sound effects. It has been rediscovered by later generations of music makers like, Matthew Sweet. Why would it be a Theremin? The Theremin does not sound like this. I appreciate your intent, but Theremin makes a simple gliding pitch sound. Simple circuit. This sound is complex, many pitches! No, its got to be some combination of a few elements. You can hear tape speed changes between the alternations (wow and flutter). There is also a higher pitched sound riding on top of all of it that seems to track with the tape pitch change. Too early for Moog or Buchla, Arp etc (1963). Not a Novachord either. Sounds just like a steady sound that the pitch changes via tape playback (or record) speed change.

What instruments were used in One Love?

Aside from standard rock instrumentation, a theremin is used to create the electronic, sliding tones and a vocal sampling device is used to create and loop vocal effects.

What is the song in Alexander Keiths newest commercial that goes come on come on come ooooonnn?

come on, come on by goldrush

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Who invented the theremin and in what year?

Leon Theremin invented the theremin in 1920.

When was the theremin invented?

The theremin was invented in 1920.

Who made the first Theremin?

Leon Theremin

When was The Art of the Theremin created?

The Art of the Theremin was created in 1987.

How much does a theremin cost?

Theremin's cost anywhere from approximately 175.00$ to 2000.00$.

What is Leon Theremin's birthday?

Leon Theremin was born on August 15, 1896.

When was Leon Theremin born?

Leon Theremin was born on August 15, 1896.

When did LΓ©on Theremin die?

Léon Theremin died on 1993-11-03.

When was LΓ©on Theremin born?

Léon Theremin was born on 1896-08-15.

What is the birth name of Leon Theremin?

Leon Theremin's birth name is Termen, Lev Sergevitch.

How old was Leon Theremin at death?

Leon Theremin died on November 3, 1993 at the age of 97.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Theremin - 2002?

The cast of The Theremin - 2002 includes: Howard Shore as himself