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my brother was stunner today

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Q: Where does the stone cold stunner hurt the throat or jaw?
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How does the stunner hurt?

The Stone Cold Stunner was the signature move of WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. The move hurt because it involved the opponents throat being plunged into Austin's shoulder.

Does WWE stunner hurt?

A stunner in the WWE has the potential to hurt the other person if not performed right. You bet!! Just imagine a shoulder driven into the bottom of your throat or jaw with huge impact... OUCH!!!

Does the stunner hurt?

yes but, not as bad as the ultimate stunner

Can vitamin c tablets hurt your throat?

No, but if you have an overdose of them they can cause cold sores and ulcers

Can hulk hogan beat stone cold?

stone cold is very good at fighting and so is hulk hogan so i think stone cold but i also think hulk hogan No Way Stone Cold is younger and faster than Hulk and Hulk body is messed up from all the year of wrestling and stuff Austins body is hurt too but not as bad as hulk so that why I think Stone cold would win

Does it hurt to eat soup with a sore throat?

it depends on how the sore throat is.

What does it mean when your belly hurts so does your throat?

Why does my throat and belly hurt

What is sturck throat?

There is nothing commonly known as struck throat. There however is strep throat which is a contagious viral infection which makes ones throat hurt.

When you get your tonsils out will your throat hurt?

It will hurt a lot. You can have as much ice cream as you want, though.

What are symptoms of sore throat?

Well 1.scratchy voice 2.Hurts when eating 3.Hurts when drinking 4.Hurt when talking 5.Hurts generally 6.DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT drink cold water (anything cold)

Should it hurt to swallow?

No, you might have a throat infection.

Your throat hurts to swallow and talk?

my throat hurt everytime i talk and swallow everytime i try to bearth in or out.